To install Clear TV service inside Kathmandu valley, customers can call Subisu Consumer Sales at 01-4235888 & 9801235888 for bookings. Please check location details under Coverage Section for booking.
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To install Clear TV service Outside valley, Customer can call at 01-4235888 & 9801235888 for bookings and for the customer from outside valley can also get Clear TV service through our Branch office and Local Providers. Please see Clear TV’s Local Partner/Provider list for more details.
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However customer can book Clear TV service after viewing package detail from the same page.
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Once your account get expired, you will receive SMS/Phone call from our renewal section seven days prior to your account’s expiry and right after the next day of expiry. You can check via

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Our customer can pay through nearest Subisu/Clear TV Outlet, Branch Office and Local Provider.

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The Company offers two major packages on Clear TV service and they are Basic Plus & Premium and the price range of packages start from Rs. 500 to Rs. 700 (Inc. of VAT) per month.
However on special occasion we also launch various exciting offers on Clear TV service.
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Clear TV service offers various exciting offers on special occasion.
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Customer will have to purchase Set Top Box (STB) to be able to subscribe and use Clear TV digital television service provided by the Company. One STB works only for one television set. Additional STB will be required for additional television sets and thus will have to be purchased by subscriber accordingly.

Customer can shift their Clear TV service. However shifting is dependable on network availability.

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For contact details(Inside Valley) call us at 01-4235888 or 9801235888

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Customer can make the payment to the representative who installs the service, right after the installation is completed.

Clear TV STB has a dedicated feature to choose language and subtitle options, which can be accessed by pressing the Green button on the Clear TV Remote. This feature will be applicable only to channels providing multiple language and subtitle feature.
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Clear TV signal (Radio Frequency) reaches the STB placed at user’s end through coaxial copper cable or Fiber-optic Cable, therefore the weather vagaries have no impact on the viewing experience as no satellite signals are involved.
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Clear TV is a product of SUBISU CABLENET (P.) LTD, Nepal’s leading Cable TV, Internet and Network Service Provider. “CLEAR TV” has been introduced as the country's first Digital Cable Television service with High Definition and Standard Definition channels broadcasted to individual subscribers through Set Top Box (STB) using Conditional Access System (CAS) over cable.

Clear TV Set Top Box (STB) is a high end device with a processing power over 1500 MIPS, supporting MPEG4 H.264 at 1080p resolution and the capacity to record and play any SD or HD program (PVR ready). This STB is prepared for pure IPTV or hybrid QAM-IPTV platforms. Designed for TV and Internet convergence, it supports video on demand services, some interactive Android 4.0 apps and over the top TV channels.

Clear TV STB is feature packed with:-

i. The Capacity to record and play multi format contents on an external USB hard disk or flash memory

ii. Home Screen (for one window overview of the entire service)

iii. Electronic Program Guide (7 days detailed hour-by-hour of program guide of each channel)

iv. Favorite (to list favorite channel enabling to quick jump )

v. Catch- Up TV (catch up to your favorite program, if in case you miss them)

vi. Video On Demand (watch movies, TV shows, documentaries, etc, at your will)

vii. Program Reminder & Recording (set up reminder or record program of your interest )

viii. Cruise Function

ix. Timeout Function

x. Change Audio Type

Note: These features will be updated regularly to meet the requirement.

Analogue channels are prone to fading, snow, and ghosts whereas Digital TV reproduces crystal-clear picture and sound without fading or interference. A digital format provides better picture quality & sound and other benefits leading to a better quality service. The DTV transition is happening because digital is a better television experience - better picture and better sound.

The key difference for the viewer between High Definition (HD) channels and normal digital channels is the picture quality. Simply because high definition broadcasts look much better. HD digital channel gives clear, sharp pictures with vivid colors and gives up to five times more details than normal digital channels.

Currently, Clear TV has 95 Plus HD channels.

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Currently there are 300 Plus Digital Channels including 95 Plus HD channels available with Clear TV Service.
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The only requirement to have the Clear TV installed is the Set-Top-Box which you need to connect with the coaxial/Fiber connection from any of Clear TV’s local service partner/provider.
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Company provides 6 months warranty on the STB. Provided warranty excludes malicious damage, damages due to voltage fluctuation and high voltage or any other such damages. Both the remote and power cable carries 3 months warranty.

Support will be provided by the technical team of Clear TV’s respective local partner/provider from where the customer has availed the service.
For Technical Support(Inside Valley) please call us at 01-4235888 or 9801235888.
Or, Email us at

For Technical Support(Outside Valley) please call us at 01-4217444.
Or, Email us at

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