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Why Clear Tv

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Clear TV’s Hybrid Set-Top-Box (STB) can support both Standard Definition (SD) & High Definition (HD) digital channels along with IP TV channels & features.

Clear TV has the maximum number of HD channels of different genres such as movies, lifestyle, entertainment, sports and music.

Set-Top-Box not required! Very soon with Subisu’s Internet TV service, subscribers are able to receive live TV, Video and other media contents over the internet from anywhere (even outside Subisu network) via customer’s smart and handheld devices such as tablets, mobile phones etc. This facility enables viewers to stream TV/content over the internet without interruptions. The subscriber simply has to pay for the content from Subisu where they get user name and password to login from anywhere over the internet.
Once you are connected to Clear TV you can also subscribe to Subisu’s Internet over the same cable. There is no hassle of having more cables in your house.
Clear TV has a dedicated team of highly trained support personnel who will be available 24 hours on the phone to provide updates and support that you require. Besides, Subisu now has a state of the art call center system that will allow immediate and qualitative servicing.
Clear TV currently has a pool of about 265 channels and will be adding more SD and HD channels in the near future.

With Clear TV, you can enjoy the clearest TV viewing experience throughout the year as bad weather does not impact transmission quality.

EPG is a comprehensive guide through which you can access details of programs on different channels. It provides you extensive information regarding TV programs of which timing, duration, upcoming program etc. are the most commonly used. EPG helps you use various other features mentioned below.

Catch-Up TV feature allows IPTV and Internet TV customers to have total control over programs being broadcast. Viewers have the option to use Catch-Up TV function which allows viewers to watch TV programs broadcasted in the past. Clear TV viewers will not miss programs as they can be replayed as they are recorded on Subisu’s server. You can choose programs to watch as you wish.

Note: Currently the service is not available.

VoD is a completely new and dynamic feature integrated within Subisu’s IPTV and Internet TV service. It provides viewers with a catalog of wide range of popular and on-demand videos to browse through. These videos are not just limited to TV programs but include videos from numerous genres such as sports, fashion, music, life styles, entertainment, educational and feature films. Customers need to subscribe to VoD content.

Note: Currently the service is not available.

With the help of the Electronic Program Guide (EPG) you can set a reminder for a program that you don’t want to miss. A reminder will pop up on your TV screen so that you can immediately switch to the program that you had set a reminder for.
With the help of the EPG, you can program on your STB to record a program which you may want to watch later. You can also record a program that you are watching live.


We offer number of HD Channels and keep on adding more for your amazing viewing experience. Keep visiting this space.

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Why clear tv

Since it is a Digital TV, It does not affect the Broadcast due to any bad weather conditions. Besides it offers you stunning picture quality.

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